Registering in Textron Aviation’s Supplier Diversity database is the first step in evaluating your firm’s potential to do business with our company. Please note that submitting a profile through this tool does not guarantee future business or bidding opportunities. The company reserves the right to respond or refrain from responding as it finds appropriate. We may not have a current requirement for your capabilities and may not know when such a requirement will occur; however, when the need for your product or service does occur, we might consider contacting you should an opportunity become available that matches your company's product or service offering.

Also before proceeding with this registration, please note that the information that you provide to Textron Aviation in the following questionnaire will be accessible to anyone within Textron Aviation who has assigned access to the internal network. Therefore, it is recommended that you provide only information you DO NOT consider confidential, trade secrets, or otherwise sensitive. The data will be stored in an internally managed Supplier Diversity database to be utilized by select Textron Aviation procurement and commodity managers to evaluate your company as a potential supplier (based on technology, quality, responsiveness, delivery capabilities, etc.) and for no other purpose. If you have questions or concerns about the use of this information, please contact the Supplier Diversity Program Administrator for Textron Aviation Defense LLC at or for Textron Aviation before proceeding. If you need to change, review, update, or remove your profile, please contact the appropriate supplier diversity program administrator.

I have read the preceding information and understand that submission or acceptance of my company’s information into this Supplier Diversity registration tool is no guarantee Textron Aviation will utilize my company as a supplier. By submitting information through this site, I understand that I am voluntarily providing this information, and that Textron Aviation is not obligated or bound to any agreement with or commitment to me or the company I represent.